United States Association of Pullers

Results Posted | Banquet - Nov. 4 | Rules Meeting - Dec. 9

Results for the Kennett & Poplar Bluff, MO are now posted. The 2023 USA Pullers Banquet will be on Nov. 4th at Yorkville Community Center at 6pm. We will have a rules meeting for all 2024 Rule Changes December 9 at 10am at Brazil Church. We hope to see you there!

Brownsville, TN

August 17, 2019

Super Stock Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stBrad Deckard290.76 ft.​129
2ndJody Wamble282.76 ft.​256
3rdRyan Turner261.28 ft.​55
4thFred Roach254.53 ft.298
5thJohn Paul Cross250.98 ft.283

Pro Stock Diesel Trucks

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stHannah Rameriz306.95 ft.​118
2ndJoey Rank300.75 ft.​166
3rdWill Scruggs299.80 ft.​303
4thJason Norman294.35 ft.288
5thRex Rogers287.06 ft.278
6thClayton Johnson286.11 ft.287
7thBradley Jordan258.13 ft.124


PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stSteve Rice297.50 ft.309
2ndMatt White288.56 ft.​177
3rdPatrick Payne286.46 ft.182
4thJamie Hunt283.26 ft.248


PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stJared Belt310.74 ft.​325
2ndMike Dixon309.44 ft.​259
3rdDaniel Bugg291.21 ft.317
4thWill Shivers211.86 ft.107

Super Farm Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stBrad Woods318.24 ft.​207
2ndCharlie Ciolino297.90 ft.​142
3rdRussel Deberry295.95 ft.​113
4thHarold Gambill286.26 ft.85
5thDylan Beaver273.22 ft.108
6thDavid Littlejohn260.98 ft.285

Limited Pro Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stSam Green295.60 ft.​266

Farm Stock Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stEthen Hunt325.78 ft.​228
2ndJearod Flowers322.44 ft.​126
3rdChuck Fee318.09 ft.​114
4thDavid Spry312.89 ft.​255
5thBrandon Moore312.19 ft.​234
6thLB Rice309.84 ft.262
7thDanny Coulston300.85 ft.267
8thSam Green300.75 ft.251
9thJason Moore299.20 ft.174
10thDylan Beaver290.86 ft.254
11thBrad Booth276.42 ft.132
12thStephen Talley274.02 ft.158
13thMike Revelle272.27 ft.231

Light Mixed Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stJim Martens344.72 ft.​173
2ndJason Smith329.83 ft.​226
3rdAllen Wilson329.48 ft.259
4thDoug Deckard320.99 ft.157
5thTom Turner314.09 ft.223
6thJeff Simmons308.84 ft.99
7thJosh Gibson302.80 ft.268
8thLionel DoddScratch162

Exhibition Runs

4thJason Cross287.21 ft.

Local Vehicles

1stKevin Reese330.03 ft.​
2ndWill Scruggs328.83 ft.​
3rdJohn Reese310.04 ft.​
4thNathan Byler304.35 ft.​
5thJohn Reese300.80 ft.
6thRobby Cox289.61 ft.
7thAdam Taylor285.36 ft.
8thJustin Payne282.31 ft.
9thBud266.27 ft.
10thJason White260.88 ft.
11thNate Grantham228.30 ft.
12thKedarrius Rayner221.40 ft.
13thShelton Hopkins215.21 ft.
14thScotty Colburn209.66 ft.
15thKevin Reese207.46 ft.
16thBrent Moore151.05 ft.
17thTrenton Jolley135.71 ft.