United States Association of Pullers

2020 Schedule in Flux

We are continually updating the 2020 schedule. Please continue to check back for updates.

Halls, TN

April 20, 2019

Super Stock Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stKevin Essary298.65 ft.​30
2ndLarry Phillips298.43 ft.​
3rdJody Wamble286.24 ft.​73
4thBradley Deckard272.76 ft.27
5thPerry Dreckshage272.42 ft.26
6thFred Roach248.46 ft.84
7thNeil Dabbs234.63 ft.24
8thJim Martens197.64 ft.79
9thKeith Barr172.95 ft.22
10thJohn Paul Cross136.78 ft.75
11thDanny DabbsScratch20

Pro Stock Diesel Trucks

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stHannah Ramirez325.60 ft.​30
2ndRex Rogers316.62 ft.​55
3rdJoey Rank307.93 ft.​82
4thAndy Johnson306.11 ft.83
5thBlair Beyer305.32 ft.26
6thWill Scruggs305.13 ft.85
7thJason Norman303.05 ft.82
8thBradley Jordan63.48 ft.23


PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stSteve Rice303.72 ft.​88
2ndJamie Hunt294.93 ft.​89
3rdWill Scruggs289.33 ft.​84
4thJake Hinson280.60 ft.69


PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stDaniel Bugg287.44 ft.​86
2ndMike Dixon286.08 ft.​88
3rdShelby Belt283.34 ft.​87
4thBill Clift281.61 ft.27
5thWill Shivers244.77 ft.26


PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stRandy Thomas317.63 ft.​30
2ndBrad Woods317.38 ft.​88
3rdJeremy Roberts308.91 ft.​28
4thCharlie Ciolino289.92 ft.86
5thDavid Littlejohn254.03 ft.82

Limited Pro TRACTORS

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stAndrew Clark314.45 ft.​30
2ndJon Calvery312.94 ft.​29
3rdSam Green312.94 ft.​87
4thShelby Belt130.07 ft.81

Farm Stock Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stEthen Hunt342.47 ft.​72
2ndChuck Fee332.87 ft.​29
3rdSam Green315.24 ft.​68
4thDylan Beaver309.60 ft.​80
5thLB Rice299.09 ft.​80
6thBrad Reddick297.86 ft.69
7thDaniel Roeder297.07 ft.24
8thJason Moore296.32 ft.23
9thCollin Revelle296.10 ft.74
10thStephen Talley294.33 ft.60
11thBrandon Moore291.15 ft.50
12thDanny Coulston288.66 ft.78
13thJearod Flowers279.19 ft.15
14thReta Spry342.79 ft./DQ70

Light Mixed Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stLionel Dodd312.81 ft.​30
2ndJason Smith312.28 ft.​86
3rdTom Turner309.63 ft.​28
4thAllen Wilson308.22 ft.27
5thJim Martens307.75 ft.83
6thJohn Ray Roberson303.81 ft.80
7thJosh Gibson297.67 ft.83
8thJeff Simmons296.41 ft.23
9thDoug Deckard288.41 ft.22