United States Association of Pullers

Covington, TN Result Posted :: Sturgis, KY - June 22

Results are now posted for Covington, TN are now posted.Please join us for our next pull of the year in Sturgis, Ky. on June 22nd.  We hope to see you there!

USA Pullers 2024 Schedule

USA Pullers 2024 Schedule

April 67:00 P.M.Halls, TN
May 47:00 P.M.Trenton, TN
June 17:00 P.M.Covington, TN
BBQ Festival
June 227:00 P.M.Sturgis, KY
July 67:00 P.M.Poplar Bluff, MO
July 137:00 P.M.LaCenter, KY
July 207:00 P.M.Brownsville, TN
July 277:00 P.M.Marion, KY
265 Club Dr
Marion, KY 42064
August 37:00 P.M.Covington, TN
August 97:00 P.M.Huntingdon, TN
August 107:00 P.M.Paris, TN
August 307:00 P.M.Gibson County Fair
September 67:00 P.M.Dyersburg, TN
September 147:00 P.M.Marshall County Fair, Benfon, KY
September 207:00 P.M.Savannah, TN
September 277:00 P.M.Kennett, MO
September 287:00 P.M.Poplar Bluff, MO

Dates Pending:
Clinton, KY
Murray, KY