United States Association of Pullers Tractor and Truck Pulling in West Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama
United States Pullers Association Tractor and Truck Pulling in West Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkanas and Missouri
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United States Association of Pullers 2015 Schedule & Results

March 7 7 P.M. Amite, LA All Classes  
May 2 7 P.M. Trenton, TN All Classes See Results
May 9 7 P.M. Halls/Ripely, TN FFA All Classes See Results
June 6 7 P.M. Bolivar, TN All Classes  
June 27 7 P.M. Dickson, TN All Classes  
July 11 7 P.M. Friendship, TN All Classes  
July 18 7 P.M. LaCenter, KY All Classes  
July 24 7 P.M. Covington, TN All Classes  
July 25 7 P.M. Brownsville, TN All Classes  
August 1 7 P.M. Lobelville, TN All Classes  
August 7 7 P.M. Paris, TN All Classes  
August 8 7 P.M. Crockett Mills, TN All Classes  
August 15 7 P.M. Scotts Hill, TN All Classes  
August 29 7 P.M. Gibson Fair, Trenton, TN All Classes  
September 4 7 P.M. Paragould, AR All Classes  
September 5 7 P.M. Martin, TN All Classes  
September 11 7 P.M. Dyersburg, TN All Classes  
September 14 7 P.M. Hardin County Fair
Savannah, TN
All Classes  
September 19 7 P.M. Huntingdon, TN All Classes  
September 25 7 P.M. Brighton, TN All Classes  
September 26 7 P.M. Dyer, TN All Classes  
October 2 7 P.M. Kennett, MO All Classes  
October 3 7 P.M. Halls, TN All Classes  
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United States Association of Pullers Truck and Tractor Pullers in West Kentucky, West Tennessee, Northern Alabama, Northeast Arkanas, and Southeast Missouri