United States Association of Pullers

Covington, TN Result Posted :: Sturgis, KY - June 22

Results are now posted for Covington, TN are now posted.Please join us for our next pull of the year in Sturgis, Ky. on June 22nd.  We hope to see you there!

Kennett, MO

September 27, 2019

Super Stock Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stJody Wamble314.49 ft.​439
2ndBrad Deckard308.09 ft.​304
3rdPerry Dreckshage303.00 ft.257
4thKeith Barr268.72 ft.144
5thNolan Robinson267.12 ft.75
6thFred Roach266.17 ft.509
7thJohn Paul Cross136.76 ft.494

Pro Stock Diesel Trucks

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stJason Norman290.86 ft.506
2ndWill Scruggs290.51 ft.​532
3rdClayton Johnson280.76 ft.509


PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stSteve Rice23.02 ft.544


PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stMike Dixon289.91 ft.489
2ndDaniel Bugg281.41 ft.​520
3rdJared Belt272.87 ft.530

Super Farm Tractors​

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stBrad Woods313.84 ft.357
2ndDylan Beaver303.25 ft.218
3rdDavid Littlejohn274.12 ft.504

Limited Pro TRACTORS

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stAndrew Clark297.15 ft.131

Farm Stock Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stCollin Revelle317.94 ft.​467
2ndDanny Coulston306.50 ft.​479
3rdLB Rice304.90 ft.​425
4thJosh Gibson262.03 ft.​

Light Mixed Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stJosh Gibson313.79 ft.440
2ndAllen Wilson309.79 ft.492
3rdDoug Deckard308.14 ft.323
4thTom Turner306.90 ft.392
5thJason Smith300.50 ft.415
6thJim Martens21.39 ft.258