United States Association of Pullers

Results Posted | Banquet - Nov. 4 | Rules Meeting - Dec. 9

Results for the Kennett & Poplar Bluff, MO are now posted. The 2023 USA Pullers Banquet will be on Nov. 4th at Yorkville Community Center at 6pm. We will have a rules meeting for all 2024 Rule Changes December 9 at 10am at Brazil Church. We hope to see you there!

Marion, KY

July 27, 2019

Super Stock Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stJody Wamble302.07 ft.​167
2ndJohn Paul Cross290.08 ft.​173
3rdFred Roach272.09 ft.​184

Pro Stock Diesel Trucks

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stWill Scruggs306.80 ft.​185
2ndBlair Beyer296.27 ft.​85
3rdJason Norman296.02 ft.​179
4thJoey Rank292.44 ft.137
5thClayton Johnson291.49 ft.177


PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stJamie Hunt309.32 ft.​162
2ndSteve Rice300.96 ft.​192
3rdMatthew Glenn297.13 ft.
4thJake Hinson272.85 ft.177


PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stJared Belt303.78 ft.​207
2ndDaniel Bugg293.35 ft.​200

Super Farm Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stHarold Gambill321.86 ft.​30
2ndDavid Littlejohn283.63 ft.​181

Limited Pro Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stJT Calvery340.60 ft.​89
2ndJared Belt324.63 ft.​166

Farm Stock Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stDavid Spry298.49 ft.​158
2ndEthen Hunt293.25 ft.​146
3rdCollin Revelle292.75 ft.​141
4thSam Green287.15 ft.​162
5thJed Johnson285.94 ft.​161
6thBrandon Moore280.91 ft.138
7thLB Rice272.34 ft.164
8thDylan Beaver270.18 ft.156
9thJason Moore267.41 ft.110
10thDanny Coulston287.15 ft./DQ165
11thDaniel Roeder268.16 ft./DQ54

Light Mixed Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stAllen Wilson326.85 ft.​142
2ndTom Turner323.93 ft.​141