United States Association of Pullers

Trenton, TN Result Posted :: Covington, TN - June 1

Results are now posted for Trenton, TN are now posted.Please join us for our next pull of the year in Covington, Tn. on June 1st.  We hope to see you there!

Savannah, TN

September 20, 2019

Super Stock Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stBrad Deckard302.24 ft.​245
2ndPerry Dreckshage277.06 ft.​200
3rdJody Wamble274.00 ft.381
4thFred Roach244.85 ft.459
5thJohn Paul Cross182.43 ft.444

Pro Stock Diesel Trucks

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stRex Rogers319.25 ft.​212
2ndWill Scruggs312.95 ft.​475
3rdWilliam Coffman309.59 ft.​105
4thClayton Johnson306.20 ft.454
5thJason Norman299.88 ft.450
6thHannah Rameriz291.98 ft.231
7thJoey Rank226.10 ft.219


PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stPatrick Payne290.81 ft.269
2ndSteve Rice286.28 ft.​484
3rdWill Scruggs270.08 ft.350
4thAllen Dixon266.00 ft.


PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stJared Belt303.09 ft.473
2ndDaniel Bugg297.76 ft.​461
3rdMike Dixon277.06 ft.431

Super Farm Tractors​

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stRussell DeBerry319.43 ft.230
2ndMary Ann Kerr307.32 ft.54
3rdDavid Littlejohn281.57 ft.449

Farm Stock Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stCollin Revelle307.57 ft.​408
2ndBenny Coulston288.47 ft.​422
3rdJason Faires262.49 ft.​54
4thLB Rice308.47 ft.​/DQ371

Light Mixed Tractors

PlaceDriverDistanceTotal Points
1stJim Martens319.01 ft.233
2ndTom Turner301.37 ft.337
3rdDoug Deckard294.79 ft.268
4thJason Smith292.55 ft.363
5thJim Campbell271.78 ft.434